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Everything you need to know

Is there a real return on investment when using Stread?
Yes, using Stread offers a real return on investment. By consolidating advertising expenses and results into a single dashboard, you and your clients can make decisions based on accurate data and reduce inefficient spending. This improves budget allocation and increases the chances of generating a better return on investment.
Is it difficult to get started with?
Stread is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, even for those who are not technically advanced. The interface is straightforward, and we offer tutorials and customer support to help new users quickly become familiar with the system.
Can I integrate my CRM or the CMS I use?
Yes, Stread offers flexible integrations with several popular CRMs and CMSs. This allows you to easily synchronize your marketing and sales data, providing a more complete view of your conversion funnel and optimizing lead tracking. If an integration with an application you use is missing, do not hesitate to propose its addition through support.
Why is Stread a better solution than inserting my data into a Google Sheet or Excel?
Stread automates the collection and analysis of advertising data, thus saving time and reducing human errors associated with manual data entry. Moreover, Stread provides real-time analytics and dynamic visualizations that are not as easily achievable in traditional spreadsheets.
Can I invite my clients and earn a commission?
Absolutely, Stread not only allows you to invite your clients to view their own performance data, but also offers a partnership program where you can earn commissions on referrals who subscribe to Stread. For Media Buying agencies, we have a tailored plan for you (Agency Plan).
Can I cancel my subscription at any time?
Yes, you can cancel your subscription to Stread at any time. We are committed to providing a flexible and hassle-free experience, with no long-term commitments or penalties for cancellation.

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